Semi-Annual consignment Event



1. Plastic retail store hangers will no longer be accepted. (PHOTO BELOW)
2. Clothing not pinned and sliding around on the hanger is no longer accepted. 
3. No tagging guns allowed. 
4. All clothing items must be pinned on the right upper hand side, looking at the garment with a safety pin.  
5. Clothing must be dropped off in size/gender order. You will be asked to step to the side and separate it prior to inspection if this is not complete. 
6. All Moms Corner, The Man Cave, and Ma and Pas Closet items must be dropped off together so we can ensure the correct number of items is accepted. 
7. 10 item limit on Women's clothing
8. 10 item limit on Men's Clothing 
9. 5 item limit on Women’s shoes 
10. 5 item limit on Men's Shoes 
11. 15 item limit for The Man Cave 
12. 15 item limit for Moms Corner 
13. All tags must be printed on Card Stock. However we will phase this out over the next two sales. ALL new items added into the system must be printed on the Card Stock! 

These RETAIL HANGERS are NOT accepted!