Semi-Annual consignment Event


Why volunteer at our sale?

Work 1 shift = (4 hours)

1. Early shopping privileges - Get your hands on great deals before anybody else! Even before Sellers!
Preview the sale - You can let your friends and family know what is going to be at the sale so they don't miss out on any bargains! 

2. $15.00 Registration fee waived!!

3. Meet Others - A great opportunity to network with other people in the area

4. Have Fun!! We always have fun at our sales!

Work 2 shifts = (8 hours)

1. Sellers earn 75% + all perks listed above

Work 3 shifts =  (12 hours total and 4 hours MUST be during break down times)  
If you do not work the full 12 hours with 4 hours being during break down on Sunday night you are NOT eligible for the 80% perk!!!

1. Sellers earn 80% + all the other perks!

All volunteers MUST sign in and out to accurately keep track of your hours.  If you do not sign in and out there will be no record of you working your shifts and your rewards may not be accurate.  Sorry for the inconvenience but I want you to get your rewards!!!

We LOVE our VOLUNTEERS!!!  Thank You!

One of the best perks is the presale!  As a volunteer, you get the very first shopping opportunity! The sale will 
be Wednesday from 4:30pm to 8:00pm. You may bring 1 friend! You also get to come to the 1/2 off presale

on Saturday from 7:00pm to 9:00pm.

Please click on the link below to volunteer for our upcoming sale. We are in need of volunteers for the following days:

During Drop Off:
Monday, August 2nd 10am - 8pm
(Shifts between 10am - 8pm)
Tuesday, August 3rd 10am - 8pm
(Shifts between 12pm - 8pm)
Wednesday, August 4th 10am - 2pm
(Shifts between 10am - 4:30pm)

During the presale: 
Wednesday, August 4th 4:30pm - 8:00pm
(Shifts between 4pm - 8pm) 

During the Sale:
Thursday, August 5th 8am - 8pm
 Friday, August 6th 8am - 9pm  
(Shifts between 9am - 8pm)

During the Sale:
Saturday, August 7th 8am - 7pm
(Shifts between 9am - 7pm)

During the 1/2 off Pre-sale:
Saturday, August 7th 7pm - 9pm
(Shifts between 4pm - 9pm)

During the 1/2 off Sale: 
Sunday, August 8th 10am - 4pm
(Shifts between 12pm - 4pm)

During Break Down:
Sunday, August 8th 4pm - 8pm
(Shifts between 4pm - 8pm)

**If you sign up and can't make it, find a replacement! We need all shifts to be filled to ensure a successful sale. 
Shifts that are not filled with replacements will result in no rewards!
Thank You!

**Please Do Not bring children with you to volunteer!  We won't be able to monitor them appropriately!!!